2 million 25x intelligent vertical viewing spherical camera

Product Overview

● The innovative new structure intelligent vertical camera enables the monitoring ball machine products to truly realize full-vision intelligent monitoring without blind areas.

● Intelligent vertical camera can solve the problem of avoiding the lifting ball and pole blocking the vision monitoring, and truly realize the intelligent monitoring of 360 ° rotation without blind area.

● Intelligent vertical viewing cameras can solve the problem of avoiding column mounted balls and not being able to monitor vertically downward, truly achieving intelligent monitoring without blind spots at 190 ° (- 95 °~+95 °) vertically.

● The intelligent vertical camera is easy to install and its unique appearance is simple. It is a beautiful landscape for the city to monitor.

● It has intelligent infrared function. When the ambient illumination is lower than a certain value, the equipment will automatically turn on the infrared light function and automatically adjust the infrared radiation power according to the distance of the target.

● Adopt low-light 4 megapixel high-definition imaging device, support full high-definition output, and the maximum resolution and frame rate can reach 2560 × 1440@30fps And H.265, H.264 standard high-definition image compression technology, which can greatly save storage space;

● Support up to 256G Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC card storage

● Low light level ultra-low illumination, 0.002Lux/F1.5 (color), 0.0002Lux/F1.5 (black and white), 0 Lux with IR

● Support 25x optical zoom,

● Support VNTSK, ONVIF, GB/T28181-2016

● Road monitoring: support vehicle detection (support license plate recognition, vehicle type/body color/license plate color recognition) and mixed traffic detection, license plate capture and retrieval, multi-scene cruise detection

● Face capture: support the simultaneous capture of 30 faces, support the detection, tracking, capture, scoring and screening of moving faces, and output the best face capture

● Built-in Beidou positioning and electronic compass support uploading information such as field of view angle, lens direction, longitude and latitude of installation position to the central management platform

● Support the centralized control function, and can quickly access the ball machine within the visual range of the target to achieve cluster monitoring

● Support damage prevention and early warning function

● Acquire and analyze the time information in the satellite signal to achieve high-precision automatic time calibration function

● Scalable support for 5G interface

● Support VNTSK, ONVIF, GB/T28181

● Rotate 360 ° horizontally to realize blind zone free monitoring;

● Horizontal speed 0.1 ° - 180 °/s; Vertical 0.1 ° - 120 °/s vertical - 95 °+95 ° can be turned automatically; Two-point scanning, watch position, multi-point scanning;

● 220 preset points and 8 groups of patrol tracks, each group of 32 preset points can be linked, and preset positions, automatic scanning, pattern scanning, automatic cruise, PATTERN mode and area display can be set and called;

● Four automatic scanning routes, which support automatic scanning at the specified speed level between the left and right limits;

● The preset speed can reach 200 °/s;

● Automatic operation memory function, after power failure and restart, execute the action state before power failure;

● Support 3D intelligent positioning function; The target can be quickly positioned and captured by selecting the target with the mouse box

● Be able to withstand the test of high and low temperature environment (- 40 ° C~+60 ° C);

● Built-in 6000V lightning protection, surge protection and surge protection functions;

● AC24V ± 25% wide voltage input,

● Vertical view spherical camera with circulating fan cooling device, effectively improving equipment reliability and service life

Application scenario

It can be widely used in places that require large-scale high-definition image quality monitoring, such as rivers, forests, highways, railways, airports, ports, sentries, squares, parks, scenic spots, streets, stations, large-scale venues, community peripherals, and other places.

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